Undergraduate Psychology Programs?

Choosing a career path? Your preferences reflect your personality, skills, interests, and goals in life. If you’re interested in dealing with people and solving their problems, then maybe you should consider career in psychology? It’s so fascinating field of study! And moreover, psychology career offers great salaries and wide range of job choices. So how about it?

Yet to enjoy all the benefits of this profession you should get a well-rounded education. So you have to look for undergraduate psychology programs in the first place. As soon as you get Bachelors in psychology, you may decide on further education.

psychology programs

But let’s stop at the stage of undergraduate psychology programs. How to make a right choice? Well, it’s not so easy as you may think! There is a confusing number of undergraduate psychology programs offered for high-school students. So what should you pay attention to when looking for undergraduate psychology program? Excellent quality program must:

  • Create active learning environment and meet your educational expectations
  • Give feedback of your work on a regular basis
  • Offer decent setting for studying, such as equipped classrooms, laboratories and libraries
  • Provide you with practical classes, internships and volunteer work
  • Encourage in further education and getting Masters Degree or PHD

Undergraduate psychology programs may become the first step to the advanced level. The thing is, with Bachelor’s degree at hand you won’t be eligible for state licensing. Therefore, if you’re planning to work independently, you need Master’s or PhD in psychology.

All depends on your goals in life though. Maybe, Bachelors qualification would be enough for you. Through the undergraduate psychology programs you can get two types of Bachelors degree:

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
    Here the main focus is on the Liberal Arts. Undergraduate psychology programs offering BA lead you to the work in social services, research and business. But if you want to widen the range of job choices, proceed to Masters or PhD degree in psychology.
  2. Bachelor of Science in Psychology
    This undergraduate psychology program focuses on science and math subjects. The program includes lab and statistics classes. Undergraduate psychology program offering BS introduces various research methods and applied psychology courses.

Undergraduate psychology program will take you 4 years of studying. It’s only the first step to the prosperous career in psychology. Yes, the way is long and challenging, but it’s absolutely worth your efforts! So dig up more information and find the best undergraduate psychology program!