July 30-August 7, 2016

In the not too distant future, a devastating nuclear war has wiped out nearly all of Earth’s inhabitants. That is, all but Twinkie & Sno-Ball, two rabbits who find themselves left with nothing but each other at the end of the world. And as they both struggle to find hope and meaning in their new lives, they also discover what sort of heart wrenching effects loneliness can have on one’s soul. From the creative team behind BUPKIS: A PLAY ABOUT NOTHING & THE SECRET LIVES OF CLOWNS, The Hive proudly presents WAITING FOR THE WORLD TO END, a one-act play by Jared Greathouse.

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The Wyld Hares (Live In Concert – 2016!)

In conjunction with the 2016 World Premiere play, WAITING FOR THE WORLD TO END by Jared Greathouse, The Hive Theatre Company is proud to present THE WYLD HARES, a psychedelic rock duo featuring Twinkie and Sno-Ball, two rabbits with nothing left to do at the end of the world but put a little music in your earhole.

You can download and listen to ‘SONGS FOR THE APOCALYPSE’ for free at

The Wyld Hares Live on KRCL 90.9FM (Circus Brown’s: NOT A SIDE SHOW)

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THE PILLOWMAN by Martin McDonagh

April 22, 23, 29 & 30, 2016

With echoes of Stoppard, Kafka, and the Brothers Grimm, THE PILLOWMAN centers on a writer in an unnamed totalitarian state who is being interrogated about the gruesome content of his short stories and their similarities to a series of child murders. The result is an urgent work of theatrical bravura and an unflinching examination of the very nature and purpose of art. Directed by Tiffany A. Greathouse.

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World Premiere of THE SECRET LIVES OF CLOWNS by Jared Greathouse

October 9, 10, 16 & 17, 2015

At first glance, it would seem successful theatre critic Johnny Harris leads a happy, healthy, normal life. With a great job, and a loving wife and family, how could one not be happy? But when Johnny receives news about the brutal murder of an old clown college chum, dark secrets from Johnny’s past begin to surface, including Mr. Wiggles; a Punk-Fu Party Clown with a wild imagination and a hedonistic appetite. Embrace your inner clown for this “pie in the face” Dramedy from local playwright, Jared Greathouse.

                                    “LOVE . . . MURDER . . . CLOWNS.”

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Utah Preimere of COCK by Mike Bartlett

June 19, 20, 26 & 27, 2015

Making decisions can be tough. Falling in love, even tougher. But when deciding between a longtime boyfriend and a newfound female flame, ideas like “identity” and “sexuality” seem to complicate things a bit. Written with no stage direction and with specific instructions for no props or scenery, COCK by Mike Bartlett strips down theatrical facades and shines a spotlight on the ever-unfolding drama of the situation at hand. A must-see for the hot summer season. Directed by Lane Richins!

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May 8, 9, 15 & 16, 2015

Five local playwrights team up with five local actors to create one phenomenal script about…absolutely nothing. Under the direction of Tiffany Greathouse, BUPKIS allows the audience to fill in the blanks for themselves, and rediscover what’s really important when it comes to the theatrical arts: Entertainment.

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World Premiere of STEADMAN & WALKER (ZOMBIE LLC) by Jared Greathouse ~ October 11-19, 2013

Amidst economic turmoil and a crippling recession, the death of the American Dream becomes a haunting reality for the flood of bright-eyed college graduates scrambling to find jobs and looking to build a better future. The only glimmer of hope for the frightened masses is a highly successful life insurance firm; Steadman & Walker. In fact, they happen to be the only company in town doing any business at all. But as the wave of new-hires begin their first day on the job, they soon learn that death is big business…and business is good. The writer and director of WHO ARE YOU? (2012), Jared Greathouse gives horror the 9-5 treatment in this dark comedy.

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Utah Premiere of A BEHANDING IN SPOKANE by Martin McDonagh May 3-11, 2013

Carmicheal is a dedicated man who accomplishes just about everything he sets out to do in life, no matter how sinister.But the one thing that’s been on his mind for the last twenty-seven years is the illusive severed hand which was lopped off of his very own arm by a band of hillbilly thugs when he was only a teenager. Now, when he comes across a young couple who claim to have access to his lost treasure, the stakes begin to rise. A twisted tale of revenge and redemption as only Mr. McDonagh could tell it.

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World Premiere of WHO ARE YOU? by Jared Greathouse ~ Oct 5-13, 2012

Jerry and Stephanie Bickmore are your average twenty-something couple. That is, until one morning when Stephanie ceases to recognize the man sleeping next to her in bed. In fact, she flat-out denies that he is her real husband at all and threatens the man’s life with a hammer. Has she lost her mind? Is this stranger actually her husband, or perhaps merely a deranged madman out to get his kicks? Discover what it means to wake up in a bad dream as Local Actor/Director Jared Greathouse debuts his dark-comedy, “WHO ARE YOU?”; a special premiere event.

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Slug Mag Online Interview w/ Jared Greathouse (Episode # 65)

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Utah Premiere of EDWARD ALBEE’S AT HOME AT THE ZOO ~ June 8-16, 2012


Mister Albee’s first attempt at the dramatic arts was a One-Act Play originally titled “Peter and Jerry”, later known as “The Zoo Story”. Written in 1958, it was completed in just three weeks and was initially rejected by New York producers. Eventually, it was staged in West Germany on September 28th, 1959. Less than one year later, it debuted in America and was paired with Samuel Beckett’s” Krapp’s Last Tape”. Fast forward fifty years, Albee emerges with a full-length version of his play under the title AT HOME AT THE ZOO, with a newly added first act, “Home Life,” serving as prologue to the second act, “ The Zoo Story”.  Albee’s body of work is brimming with both experimental and critically acclaimed plays such as “The Sandbox” (1959), “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” (1962), and “The Goat: or who is Sylvia” (2002). He has received three Pulitzer Prize awards for Drama and in 1963 was snubbed a fourth when the advisory committee elected not to give a Drama award at all. He also received a special Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement. At age 84, Albee continues to write and direct to this day.

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“Queen Bee” by Laura Neubauer ~ January, 2012
The Hive won “Best Production” at Wasatch Theatre Company’s annual Page-to-Stage Festival 2012! Thanks to all of our fans and supporters for making it a great experience! To add to it all, we also received great reviews from Utah Theatre Bloggers, as well as Backstage Utah!

Utah Theatre Bloggers Review

 Backstage Utah Review

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BABY WITH THE BATHWATER by Christopher Durang ~ October 6-8, 2011

Feeling far too polite to check if their newborn child is a boy or girl, a nervous young couple finally decides that it’s a girl and they name her Daisy. A decision that could haunt Daisy for the rest of her life.

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Word Play ~ 2011

The Hive Does Ives ~ April 22-23, 2011

Three short plays from comic mastermind, David Ives:

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“Words, Words, Words,”: Three monkeys are caged under the experimental eye of Dr. Rosenbaum. His hypothesis is one echoing the infinite monkey theorem; a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text. In this case…HAMLET.

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“The Philadelphia”: Two friends meet up for lunch one afternoon at a NYC cafe. As they converse, they slowly realize that one of them must have slipped into some kind of parallel dimension called a Philadelphia; a strange universe where everything is backwards and the service is always lousy.

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“Variations On The Death Of Trotsky”: Russian Revolutionary leader Leon Trotsky is hard at work in his study with a mountain climber’s axe “jammed” into his skull. The only thing is…he doesn’t know it yet. With the help of an encyclopedia from the future and a few near life experiences, will Trotsky ever discover his true destiny?

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