Utah Premiere of EDWARD ALBEE’S AT HOME AT THE ZOO ~ June 8-16, 2012


Mister Albee’s first attempt at the dramatic arts was a One-Act Play originally titled “Peter and Jerry”, later known as “The Zoo Story”. Written in 1958, it was completed in just three weeks and was initially rejected by New York producers. Eventually, it was staged in West Germany on September 28th, 1959. Less than one year later, it debuted in America and was paired with Samuel Beckett’s” Krapp’s Last Tape”. Fast forward fifty years, Albee emerges with a full-length version of his play under the title AT HOME AT THE ZOO, with a newly added first act, “Home Life,” serving as prologue to the second act, “ The Zoo Story”.  Albee’s body of work is brimming with both experimental and critically acclaimed plays such as “The Sandbox” (1959), “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” (1962), and “The Goat: or who is Sylvia” (2002). He has received three Pulitzer Prize awards for Drama and in 1963 was snubbed a fourth when the advisory committee elected not to give a Drama award at all. He also received a special Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement. At age 84, Albee continues to write and direct to this day.

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World Premiere of WHO ARE YOU? by Jared Greathouse ~ Oct 5-13, 2012

Jerry and Stephanie Bickmore are your average twenty-something couple. That is, until one morning when Stephanie ceases to recognize the man sleeping next to her in bed. In fact, she flat-out denies that he is her real husband at all and threatens the man’s life with a hammer. Has she lost her mind? Is this stranger actually her husband, or perhaps merely a deranged madman out to get his kicks? Discover what it means to wake up in a bad dream as Local Actor/Director Jared Greathouse debuts his dark-comedy, “WHO ARE YOU?”; a special premiere event.

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