Utah Premiere of A BEHANDING IN SPOKANE by Martin McDonagh ~ May 3-11, 2013

Carmicheal is a dedicated man who accomplishes just about everything he sets out to do in life, no matter how sinister.But the one thing that’s been on his mind for the last twenty-seven years is the illusive severed hand which was lopped off of his very own arm by a band of hillbilly thugs when he was only a teenager. Now, when he comes across a young couple who claim to have access to his lost treasure, the stakes begin to rise. A twisted tale of revenge and redemption as only Mr. McDonagh could tell it.

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World Premiere of STEADMAN & WALKER (ZOMBIE LLC) by Jared Greathouse ~ October 11-19, 2013

Amidst economic turmoil and a crippling recession, the death of the American Dream becomes a haunting reality for the flood of bright-eyed college graduates scrambling to find jobs and looking to build a better future. The only glimmer of hope for the frightened masses is a highly successful life insurance firm; Steadman & Walker. In fact, they happen to be the only company in town doing any business at all. But as the wave of new-hires begin their first day on the job, they soon learn that death is big business…and business is good. The writer and director of WHO ARE YOU? (2012), Jared Greathouse gives horror the 9-5 treatment in this dark comedy.

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