Spotlight on The Hive: “Bupkis & Clowns” From the Desk of Jared Greathouse

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Spotlight on The Hive: From the Desk of Jared Greathouse

It was early December 2013 and The Hive had just wrapped up an exhausting little production called STEADMAN & WALKER (ZOMBIE LLC). I decided that it might be a good idea to take a “timeout” from writing for a while and get back to acting…it didn’t happen. Sure enough, like a junkie needs a fix, I was back behind the keyboard again, plugging away at a brand new full-length script, THE SECRET LIVES OF CLOWNS, which (I’m very happy to say) will make its world premiere debut at The Hive October 2015. Because, let’s face it, there’s a fine line between actor and clown. And I say that as both an actor and self-proclaimed clown.

My research continued and I happened to come across an online article focusing on SLC-based experimental theatre company, New Works Theatre Machine. Needless to say, I was inspired. It was as if something had clicked in my head. The Hive had several amazing productions under its belt by that time, but at that very moment, I realized what kind of theatre I really wanted to be making…the fearless kind. Within the article itself was a quote that seemed to stick out in my mind for weeks to come.

“Theatre without the obligation of offering an idea.”

– David Fetzer

To some, it must’ve seemed like a preposterous notion. To me, it was a beautiful sentiment. I mean, imagine it, a play that lets you think for yourself and draw your own conclusion, a play without any sort of personal pretense or political agenda, an opportunity to connect with an audience on a very human and emotional level; theatre in its purest form.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “It’s been done, right?” WRONG! BUPKIS: A PLAY ABOUT NOTHING is a beast of its very own. Sure, Seinfeld and Larry David took a whack at it. Hell, the Coen brothers perfected the art of “nothing”. BUPKIS, on the other hand, is unlike anything to ever grace the stage; a true original. And yet, to call it a play about “nothing” might be a bit of a stretch. To call it a play about “something”, a bit absurd. BUPKIS is a play about anything and everything all at once, and nothing at the same time. So buckle up, kids, because it’s going to be one helluva ride.

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